Free Gold with Lucky wheel Introduction

it's easy, you just LOGIN to game everyday and get free gold

7 days wheel is a random round of free gold by day with bonus wheel multiplied by the bonus vip according to the following formula:

Wheel Bonus X Vip Bonus = Free gold

There are 3 wheels by day as follows:
1. Purple wheel: Log in the First and Second day.
2. Green wheel: Log in on Tuesday through Friday.
3. Orange wheel: Log in from Saturday.

Vip Bonus rewards up to 6 VIP levels
Vip 0: 100%
Vip 1: 125%
Vip 2: 150%
Vip 3: 175%
Vip 4: 200%
Vip 5: 225%



Note: If you do not log in continuously, you will return to the first round

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