[Event] 2019/08/20 - 2019/08/27 CHANGE MEDAL - RECEIVE TREASURE CHESTS

Hello everybody !


We are celebrating the Event Change Medal for Player to get more Receive treasure chests. Let join our battle to get unexpected gifts.


Enclose here is our Detail event :


Duration : 2019/08/20 - 2019/08/27 ( UTC Time )

Number of Player : Unlimited


RULE : it's easy, catch Fish as fast, you will randomly receive a lot of medals from fish to accumulate medals to receive unexpected gifts.



1. Catch Fish in Battle by your Gun, skill get random medals.



2.Check information in Event button


There are 2 chests: Gold and Silver
Exchange 30 Medals = Silver Chest
Exchange 30 Medals + 50 Diamonds = Gold Chests


Notice : Please quickly accumulate the number of medals to exchange unexpected gifts.


Best Regards.